Window cleaning

Book clean windows from Freska. Window cleaning 549 kr/h. Minimum duration 2h.

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  • Clean windows easily online

    Easy and fast online ordering. Tell us how many windows you have and what’s their size & we’ll count the time and price for your order. In addition, our customer service team is here to help you if needed.

  • The window cleaning supplies are included in the price

    Our schooled cleaners will bring all the needed supplies and detergents for window cleaning.

  • 100 % Happiness quarantee

    We promise to do our best so you’ll be satisfied with our cleaning service and that your windows will shine like never before.

It's easy as 1-2-3

Order a window cleaning easily and safely online - order already today!
  1. Tell us how many windows your home has and would you for example like us to clean the window blinds.
  2. Tell us where you live and choose a suitable window cleaning time from our calendar.
  3. Pay safely online. Your cleaner will arrive at the chosen time and you’ll get to enjoy clean and shiny windows!

Window cleaning memo

Window cleaning memo:

  • When ordering a window cleaning, remember to also order cleaning for blinds and balcony glasses if needed
  • Note, that the windows must be unobstructed by furniture
  • The windows can be max. 3 meters or less above the ground and open inward
  • We will reschedule cleanings due to inclement weather
  • We bring cleaning supplies and detergents, but use the ladder and bucket found from your home
  • The window cleaning minimum duration is 2 hours

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Fast and easy order, home cleaning from 459 kr/h.